1. We are often asked where the idea for Plant ‘N Prayers came from.   Several years ago a person was going through a very difficult time and someone wondered why there was not a gift with more of a personal spiritual emphasis to encourage people.  The person thought back on money trees gifts and wondered why there could not be a plant with scripture instead of money.  We give God the credit for the idea and we have tried to be faithful in administering the idea.

2.  Are there more options than what I see on this website?  Yes, you can call and let us know the situation and the price range you are considering.  We will be glad to check our items in stock and give you a few suggestions to choose from.

3.  Can I order on line?  Not at this time.  Call or e-mail us at plantnprayers@gmail.com and we will be glad to take an order.  The Haven of Hope of DeKalb County is open 8-5 Monday – Friday CST.  We have a lunch hour at noon.  We are also closed on most major holidays and at least one week around Christmas.

We will need to know 1. Name(s) for personalization  2.  Occasion (sympathy, encouragement, birthday, etc.)  3.   How you would like the gift tag signed

4.  How can I pay?  You can send a check or call with a credit card number.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, & Discover.  For your own protection, please DO NOT send the credit card number by e-mail.

5.  When do you ship Christmas orders?  We can ship up until a week before Christmas.  However, we suggest that the Christmas items (not pictured on website) be shipped the week after Thanksgiving so the person or family can enjoy reading one a day during the month of December.  This is especially nice for senior adults.  We can ship to nursing homes.

6.  Do you ship to funeral homes and hospitals?  No, due to the short hospital stays we have found that patients are often dismissed prior to receiving the package.   Our gifts are usually shipped to the home by US Postal Service Priority Mail.   A widow told us that she received the gift about a week after the funeral and it meant more to her since things had slowed down and family had left.

7.  How much should I expect to be added for shipping and handling?   We try to keep this cost as low as possible.  It averages $6 to $10 depending the distance from TN and size of package.  The Bundle of Prayers can be shipped for $1.50.